1st week in Brazil

Ok I have very little time so I am going to put a lot into not a lot of words.

The flight here was pretty smooth people said it would be rough but it was not bad.

After I arrived I went to the house of the mission president and there all the new missionaries were there and there were 2 Americans and 12 Brazilians and no English. It was a long day after 24 hours of flying but then I met my companion Elder Ettmuller and he is freaking awesome!!!!!! we work way hard and are teaching a lot of people. It is hard because he knows about as much English as I do Portuguese and that is not much right now. It has been the most frustrating experience of my life to spend a week not understanding anyone and not being understood by anyone.

My area is called Rio Branco I think it is south west of Santos and it is a freaking ghetto I have never seen such poverty. Elder Ettmuller and I are trying really hard to help these people.

I have decided that cats and dogs are kinda like rabbits here because they are everywhere and no one cares. Also horses are kinda like deer because they all just walk around and eat grass all day. no one owns them.

Drivers here are crazy I can not believe that more people don’t die in car accidents.

So I have wanted sleep in my life and wanted it bad. I have never needed sleep like I have here. There are times when blinking is a gamble because I wont open my eyes again. Its starting to get a little better though.

My house is ridiculous it looked and smelled like a house on a fabreeze commercial. I wanted to puke. We have cleaned it up quite a bit and its getting better though.

Ok so here you must sleep with the window open and the fan on or you will die. there are no screens or air conditioners, this leads me to the mosquitoes. people who know me know I can be tough if i try and that I know a lot about mosquitoes so you can trust me when I say they are a problem here. at last count. no exaggeration I had over 200 mosquito bites my comp and some others thought I had a sickness like the chickenpox or something I will try and send a pic of it later…mom I’m pretty sure you would be dead haha.

My name is impossible for Brazilians, it is kinda funny they call me Elder Wingsangla

I have some small blisters because we walk a lot… a lot!!!!!! ha ha but it is great

Over all things are great and I am happy to be here It is hard and at times I think I cant but with the Lords help I will learn this language and help these people.


With Love Elder Winstanley


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