Week #5

I got my Visa!!!!!!!!!!! Its crazy but it actually happened. I leave on Monday morning for Atlanta Georgia and then I fly to Sao Paulo!!!!!!! I hope my Portuguese will be good enough for now haha. I am very excited and am so thankful for all of the prayers on my behalf. The Lord listened and has seen it fit to send me straight to Brazil. I pray that I will be ready.  
Thanksgiving was awesome here. Since I am a zone leader we were in charge of the the service. We were all given a table and some missionaries to help us bag some food for needy kids, It was an awesome experience and my table exceeded the goal and made almost 1000 meals!!! pretty epic. After it was over my companion and I helped clean up and we both worked super hard and the people around us were impressed so that was cool. To finish off the day we all watched Ephriam’s Rescue and that was a pretty touching movie. It makes the labor of serving a mission seem a lot easier now haha. 
My district and I have been having English fasts where we only speak Portuguese all day and that is rather hard but it was super fun. It has helped with my speaking skills a lot though.
Funny story. Elder Haygood takes Melatonin to help him fall asleep and I hate pills. One night he grabbed one too many pills and put it on my desk and said “para você” or for you. I though it was a mint and put it in my mouth and then spit it out and yelled in a high pitched voice “What kind of a mint is that?” he told me it was a pill and I freaked out and we laughed for like 30 minutes about it. Story number two about Elder Haygood is that we switched companions for a lesson and we taught the most amazing lesson either of us have ever taught. We talked about faith and were bouncing ideas off of each other baring testimony about what the other said and the spirit was so strong. We were teaching another Elder named Elder Johnson and he was blown away with the things we said. It made me even more excited about talking to people who really do want to come closer to God. 
Anyway things are all good for me. Thanks for everything you all have done for me! My next email will come out of Brazil!!!!!!
Con Amor
Elder Winstanley 

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