Week 4

This week was a little more rough but still good. 

My cold was not gone like I thought it was. I’ve been coughing for a week straight and one night I had to go to the bathroom to cough because I was keeping my companions up. I ended up coughing up blood for most of the night. It is finally going away now, for which I am grateful. On top of that I keep receiving bad news about my visa. I am willing to serve where ever the Lord needs me but it is getting difficult to want to learn Portuguese because I may never get to use it. I’m still keepin’ on though.

My companion and I started to use our gym time on a rowing machine. It is a killer work out and my back is getting pretty strong. The other day we did 10 K in 40 minutes!!! My district is the best! we have all sorts of fun games we have made up that would make no sense to anyone but us haha. 
My companion and I have been teaching a couple of people. We taught two return missionaries that served in Brazil and they thought our Portuguese was good so that is great. We have two progressing investigators Ruban and Lucas. Lucas is great he loves to learn and is always getting a stronger testimony, he committed to be baptized this week so that is great. Our other investigator Ruban just lost his job and is really down in the dumps we are trying so hard to help him know that through the Atonement we can get through anything. 
One last cool story is that we got to welcome 2 new districts into our zone and since I am a zone leader I got to do the welcoming and that was a lot of fun.
That’s about it for this week. Thanks for the emails, letters, and prayers. They are definitely helping me a ton 🙂
Love Elder WinstanleyImage

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