Week 3

Hello World!!! it has been three weeks and a pretty good one from the prospective of the MTC.

My district started something this week called Training Recourse Center where we get to teach people who are already members but speak Portuguese and it was fun to test my skills. I would say the language is coming along pretty well, I am starting to conjugate verbs without thinking so that is cool. Also I had my first dream in Portuguese…it was a nightmare where no one understood what I was saying but it was still in Portuguese haha. 
A terrible cold went around my district. My companion had it the worst and I felt pretty bad for him. By the end of the cycle I was the only person who had not been sick and then it hit me. I could barley talk and sounded like President Bowen (to anyone who does not know him he has a high pitched very quiet voice). My district thought it was pretty funny and the branch president thought I was going to die so he made me take a nap on Sunday and that was glorious. I drank about a gallon and a half of water that day and was better by the next morning.
Another cool thing is we all weighed our selves and most people have gained 10-15 pounds here…I have lost 10. I was a little sad because my strength is going a way a little but I would rather be loosing muscle than gaining fat.
This past Sunday the branch presidency had meetings during priesthood meeting so my companion and I taught all o the Elders in our Zone about repentance and it was a wonderful lesson.
Elder L. Tom Perry was here a week ago and that was a wonderful talk. I had a pretty good seat and when him and his wife walked in I smiled real big at them and she waved to me. I felt pretty cool about that.
Yesterday m companion and I had a wonderful experience teaching one of our investigators named Ruben (sounds like Hubains in Portuguese). My comp and I have had a few disagreements on what is more important between bringing the Spirit to a lesson and speaking with correct grammar. He has said that if they don’t understand us then they cant feel the spirit but I said the can understand us, even if we sound like cavemen right now the spirit will testify of the truthfulness of what we are saying. Both of use have been working to meet the other person half way, but in our lesson last night The Lord saw fit to bless me with a taste of the gift of tongues because I had some wonderful conversations with Ruben and after the lesson my comp asked what it was I was saying and I told him, and he was shocked because we had not learned how to say a lot of the things that I had said. It was humbling to him a little because he is a genius and the simple boy from Fruita was speaking better Portuguese than him, and it was humbling to me to realize how much I need the Lords help in my life.
One last cool story was that yesterday with some free time my district sang a wonderful a cappella version of Stand By Me. One of our Elders has a super deep voice and epic range so he was singing and some others were doing instrumentals I was singing backup and our black Elder was saying things like “oh yeah!” and “amen” and it sounded EPIC!!! the coolest part is we all kinda joined in and made it up on the spot but it sounded legit!
Anyway things are good I am loving this! thanks for the support everyone!
Amor Elder Winstanley

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