Week 2

Well is has been a great week. Some hard times but I am loving it here. 

Something kinda cool is that my companion and I got called as Zone Leaders, it is a little more responsibility but we are here to serve so we are doing our best. 
The other night I was saying a prayer and did the whole thing in Portuguese without having any dramatically long pauses of me looking for a word! It is amazing how fast I am picking up this language. Also the other day we were baring our testimonies to other missionaries and my companion and I were doing pretty will with the Portuguese and then one pair of sisters asked if they could bare theirs to us in  Japanese and it was absolutely beautiful!!! Yesterday a couple of us gave up English for a couple of hours and It was cool to see how much we have learned. My Portuguese kinda sounds like a caveman but I can get most of my points across in a way that is understandable.
So for gym time I have started playing 4 square… but this is not your elementary school recess 4 square… it is crazy intense and my signature move is around my back…no one sees it coming!!!
There are these two Elders in my district that are the funniest people I have ever met. Our biggest problem as a district is that we have too much fun here. We are working really hard to all learn the language but as soon as someone is getting frustrated Elder Bowman and Elder Kinghorn make us all laugh…A lot! the other day they made Elder Goldade puke he laughed so hard.
I adopted this idea while I was at BYU to do a calf raise up every step I go up and I have my entire district hooked on it…by the end of our missions we are going to have some pretty nice leg muscles.
I decided something the other day…I came out here prepared for the field, you know, being with one companion out in the world trying to help others come closer to God. I was not however not prepared for this MTC boot camp. But now that I have a hold of things I don’t think I’m even close to ready to go out to the field. One of my favorite parts about the MTC is how humbling it is. I learn something knew every minute and every day I start to realize how little I actually know. 
One last cool story is that every morning we take everything we will need for that day. ie, planner, pens, notebooks, name badge, wallet, key, chap stick, and we decided we all feel like Batman putting one his gear haha.
Over all things are very well for me, Portuguese is coming, my companion is cool and I love my district.  
Love Elder Winstanley

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