Week 1

So it took me a while to type all of those emails in so this weeks sum up will be pretty short.

First off I love it here. The first 2 days were pretty hard but I’m in the flow now and even though I am so tired all of the time I never stop learning and am very excited to leave the training center and start teaching people for real.
My comp is pretty cool he is from Alaska and is a wicked good tennis player. People think we are opposites because I am super energetic and he is real quiet and he is way smart and im well….of average intelligence haha. Also two other Elders in my district, Elder Kinghorn and Elder Bowman are amazingly funny. Maybe the funniest people I know. They always keep me laughing. My Portuguese teacher Irmo Nothum is an amazing guy and a wonderful teacher. I love him!
So the Elders in my district think I am super funny. I’m at least a year older than everyone. Whenever I am trying to memorize something in Portuguese I pace around our little classroom and when I get to a hard word i look at an elder and say “ask me that in 5 minutes” they all think it is funny and get super into it for me. Its nice because I learn faster that way.
We are teaching a man named Marcos and it is hard in Portuguese but I think it is going super well. He loves the Idea of God and always wants to know more and as our portugese gets better we teach him more.
Gym time is always something to look forward too. 4 times a week we get 45 minutes of gym time and people think Im nuts because, in my head that is not even close to enough, so I run for half the time as fast as I can then I lift on there wimpy machines. But everyone thinks I do too much in 45 minutes haha.
I get a little over 6 hours of sleep a night with no naps…something that is very new for me…it is amazing how alert I am through out the day even when I am so tired but the cool thing is, is when lights out comes around I am out in under 2 minutes haha.
Well thats about it, My email time is very limited so if anyone wants to talk to me I can promise that if they write  me a letter I will write one back. I will do my best with email but It might not happen
Elder Derek Alan Winstanley
2007 N 900 E Unit 70
Provo UT 84602
I miss you guys 
Amor Elder Winstanley 

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